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Where to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul?

The best place to buy an apartment in Istanbul depends on your needs and preferences. Do you want to buy a house to settle with your family? Or do you want to invest in real-estate with a profitable return? In this article I will give you some general guidelines and options. Please call or whatsapp me (+90 – 532 – 217 32 72) for your specific needs and questions.

Should I buy my flat on the European side or the Asian side of Istanbul?

The European side of Istanbul includes the historic part of the city and is better known for its touristic sites. If you visit Istanbul just once, you would like to be near those touristic areas. If you’re going to own a house in Istanbul, you will prefer residential areas or business areas, which are located outside the historic peninsula. Modern residential blocks on the European side are located away from the city center and are rather expensive. Traffic is a notorious problem in Istanbul and even with public transportation, it is difficult to go from one place to another. Parks and recreational areas are harder to reach, real estate prices are generally more expensive on the European side compared to the Asian side.

The Asian side and especially Kadiköy is the modern face of Istanbul, with extensive residential areas, shopping facilities and recreational areas along the sea-shore. Kadiköy is also a traffic hub with convenient transportation connections by sea, land and rail. Another favorable argument for the Asian side is the high number of universities located here.

Real estate prices are in general more affordable on the Asian side. Therefore, if you plan to live in Istanbul, I would advise you to invest in property on the Asian side. Residents of Istanbul usually prefer to work and live on the same side rather than commuting daily between the two continents. People who work on the European side, usually life on the European side. However, working on the European side and living on the Asian side is an alternative, since more work options are on the European side and better residences on the Asian side. Living on the European side and working on the Asian side is rather the exception. This fact shows that the Asian side is the preferable choice to buy an apartment in Istanbul.

Kadiköy District – Best Place to Buy Property in Istanbul

In case you are going to live in Istanbul, you may prefer an area offering good public transportation, shopping streets and recreational areas close to the sea-shore. Kadiköy district satisfies these needs much better than any other district in Istanbul. Kadiköy is connected to the European part of the city via the Bosporus bridge, the Eurasia tunnel for cars and the Marmaray railroad connection. Ferries across the Bosporus and the fast track Metrobus line are convenient ways to cross to the European side. Kadiköy is famous for its traditional and international restaurants, vibrant city life, its long walking roads along the sea-shore, cafes and restaurants along Baghdat Street, the major retail center for luxury shopping. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is located 30 km away from down-town Kadiköy.

Kadiköy - Fikirtepe Development Projects – Best Apartments to Live in Istanbul

Fikirtepe Development Project Phase I was completed between 2013 – 2018 and comprises 11 compounds with more than 7.500 flats. Phase II has recently started with construction on 7 plots and will add another 15.000 flats upon completion of the project.

Premium brands of Fikirtepe Development Project Phase I:

The Mandarins Acibadem: 100% sold, fully occupied, featuring 500 flats, 20 shops. Close to metro line, metrobus line and Marmaray. Walking distance to Akasya Shopping Mall and Kadiköy centre. Resell and rental options available.

Nuhoğlu Yenitepe Apartments: 4 blocks, 1.400 apartments in total, 100% sold, fully occupied, indoor sports facilities. Next to metro line. Resell and rental options available.

Sinanli Fortis Apartments: Recently finished. Few apartments to buy or rent, offices and residential. Close to Metrobus and Kadikoy.

Sua Apartments: Another prestigious project, fully sold. Resell and rental options available. Close to metro line.

Other Projects in this area with resell and rental options:

• Baysaş 2016 Apartments

• Kent Plus Apartments

• Concorde Apartments

• 1071 Apartments

• Pirlanta Apartments

• Kiptaş Torkam Apartments (recently finished)

• Evin Park Apartments /recently finished)

As a foreign client to invest in property, in a big city like Istanbul, finding a capable, reliable, and troubleshooting housing consultant who knows the market and quality is a great blessing that fortunately I got on the way to buy by coordination with dear Mr. Gunhan, who is now a trusted friend of mine, and thank God for this support
Reza S. / Tehran IRAN / 01.01.2022

Apartments for Sale Suitable for Turkish Citizenship


  • 3+1 200 m2 gross 140m2 nett

  • Large balcony

  • Separate kitchen

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Air conditioning present in all room

  • 21st floor

  • Indoor parking

  • Indoor pool

  • Gym

  • 7/24 Security

  • For details please get in touch


  • 3+1 135 m2 gross 85 m2 nett

  • Open kitchen

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Air conditioning present in all room

  • 8th floor

  • Indoor parking

  • Indoor pool

  • Gym

  • 7/24 Security

For details please get in touch

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