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Professional Real Estate Consultant


How Much is Real Estate Commission

Real estate sales commission is defined as “2% + VAT (18%) of the sales price” and is collected separately from the buyer and seller. In case of renting a real estate, the commission fee is “one month rental fee + VAT (18%)".


  1. Expertise File

  2. Professional Photo Shoot

  3. Video Capture with Drone

  4. Banner / Canvas / Signage Application

  5. Real Estate Brochure Distribution

  6. Promotion to Target Buyers

  7. Industry Mailing

  8. Special Promotion for Office Consultants

  9. Special Promotion to Real Estate Offices in the Real Estate Zone

  10. Special Introduction to Real Estate Consultants in the Region

  11. Introduction to Businesses Neighboring the Portfolio

  12. Promotion to Advisors with Similar Portfolio

  13. Real Estate Promotion Event for Consultants

  14. Portfolio Promotion at

  15. Real Estate Promotion

  16. Real Estate Promotion

  17. Promotion on Digital Channels

  18. Promotion on Social Media

  19. Presentation of the Portfolio Promotion File to the Candidate Buyers

  20. Management of the Negotiation Process


  • Determination of Sellable / Rentable Price

  • Pre-Market Action Suggestion

  • Preparation and Implementation of the Marketing Plan

  • Progress Report Submission to the Owner

  • Listing Showing

  • Informing Buyer Candidates

  • Sales Closing and Quotations

  • Purchase / Rental Terms Negotiation

  • Lease Contract Preparation

  • Money Transfer Organization

  • Tax Information

  • Real Estate Delivery Process Management

  • Rental Management

  • Title Deed Transfer Organization

Why Gunhan Odabaş?

  • Boğaziçi Business Administration Graduate

  • Real Estate Experience in International Companies

  • International ACP Certified Commercial Real Estate Specialist

  • Luxury Housing Experience

  • Housing Project Marketing Experience

  • RE/MAX International 100% Achievement Award Winner

  • Level 5 Real Estate Agent Certificate

  • Professional Service

  • Effective Marketing Plan

  • High Customer Satisfaction


RE/MAX Yildiz Inonu Cad. No:92 Floor: 2 Kozyatağı Kadıköy / Istanbul

You can contact Professional Real Estate Consultant Günhan Odabaş about Commercial Real Estate and Luxury Housing Sales Rental Real Estate Advisor.


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